Combined AC/Dataline surge protector for LED lighting system Class 1

Part Number 833223
  • Type 2 (or 3) surge protector for Class 1 LED Lighting
  • Combined AC/Dataline surge protection
  • DALI, DMX, RS485, 0-10V datalines compliance
  • Shield wire management
  • Optimized coordination with driver
  • Compact dimensions
  • Screw connection
  • Max. discharge current 10 kA
  • Certified IEC 61643-11 and IEC 61643-21

The MLPCHx-V/DL surge protectors have been designed to protect single-phase DALI-powered equipment. Designed for optimum coordination with the driver, the range offers an excellent performance ratio. The products can be used as Type 2 + 3, thanks to their very compact design and their maximum discharge capacity of 10 kA per pole. Connection is via opposing screw terminals (MLPCHx-230L-V). The products comply with IEC 61643-11 and IEC 61643-21.

230 V single-phase
AC system
Max. Data operating voltage
Uc 28 Vdc
Max. AC operating voltage
Uc 320 Vac
Max. load current
IL 2.5 A
Temporary Over Voltage (TOV) Characteristics - 5 sec.
Without disconnection
UT 335 Vac withstand
Temporary Over Voltage (TOV) Characteristics - 120 mn
Without disconnection or with safety disconnection
UT 440 Vac disconnection
Residual Current
Leakage current to Ground
Ipe None
Nominal discharge current
15 x 8/20 µs impulses
In 5 kA
Max. discharge current
max. withstand @ 8/20 µs by pole
Imax 10 kA
Withstand on Combination waveform IEC 61643-11
Class III test: 1.2/50µs - 8/20µs
Uoc 10 kV / 5 kA
Protection mode(s)
Common/Differential mode
Protection level
Following the test category C3 (IEC61643-21) - Line/Line
Up 50 V
Protection level L/N
@ In (8/20µs)
Up L/N 1.5 kV
Protection level N/PE
@ In (8/20µs)
Up N/PE 1.5 kV
Line/Line Nominal discharge current
C2 Category
In L/L 5 kA
Admissible short-circuit current
Isccr 10 000 A
Connection to Network
By screw terminal: 1.5mm² max.
On plate
Housing material
Thermoplastic UL94 V-0
Operating temperature
Tu -40/+85°C
Protection rating
Failsafe mode
Disconnection, Green Led OFF and power cut off
Disconnection indicator
LED green OFF and AC network cut-off
See diagram
0.056 kg
Standards compliance
IEC 61643-11 / EN 61643-11 / IEC 61643-21 / EN 61643-21 / UL1449 ed.5