Surge protectors for Wind Turbine installation

Wind turbines are generally located at exposed areas for better wind conditions, onshore wind turbines usually locate at prominent terrain like mountains region and offshore locate at coastwise, by the effect of location and the height of structure, wind turbines have higher annual estimated number of lightning strikes according to lightning location system. All types of lightning flashes generate lightning electromagnetic impulses (LEMP) on the connecting cables between the equipment, and the damage is mostly caused by insufficient impulse withstand voltage level of equipment components. LEMP is the main threat leads to malfunction and failure for electrical and electronic systems, now the most efficient measures to reduce loss towards LEMP is using coordinated SPD protection consists of a set of SPDs properly selected.

CITEL has designed a complete range of AC and Telecom-Data surge protectors for Wind turbine applications that are compliant with the IEC 61400 et IEC 62305 standards.