Surge protectors for photovoltaic installations in commercial/industrial buildings and car parks

Transient overvoltages and photovoltaic roofs top

Tertiary or industrial sites can integrate medium or high power photovoltaic production directly on the roofs of buildings or via the installation of shaded areas equipped with photovoltaic modules on car parks.

In case of lightning surges, material losses (inverters, PV panels, ...) or operating losses are likely: the implementation of surge protectors (SPD) at the key points of the installation will therefore be necessary or mandatory.
As with any photovoltaic installation, it is required to protect the AC and DC sides of the PV modules from transient overvoltages.
In addition, in order to protect the monitoring systems, surge protectors for data networks must be installed.

Example of a photovoltaic surge protection installation

Selection of surge protectors

On this table you will find the surge protection solution for PV installations on commercial and industrial sites.

Location CITEL modelDescription
PV NETWORK DPVN-40CVGS-21Y-1200Type 2 PV surge protector
In 20kA - Imax 40kA - Remote signaling
PV NETWORK DS50PVS-600/51Type 2 PV surge protector
In 15kA - Imax 40 kA - Remote signaling
AC NETWORK DAC50S-31-275Type 2 AC surge protector
In 20 kA - Imax 50 kA - Remote signaling
AC NETWORK DAC40CS-31-275Type 2 AC surge protector
In 20 kA - Imax 40 kA - Remote signaling - Compact
DATA NETWORK DLA-24D31-pair pluggable surge protector
In 5 kA - Imax 20 kA - Remote signaling
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