1-pair monobloc Telecom surge protector

Part Number 641102
  • High speed data transmission
  • Common mode and differential mode protection
  • Data lines, including those isolated from Earth
  • Compact DIN rail enclosure, high density protection
  • Protection of shield wire
  • Location and test categories: D1, C2, C3
  • IEC 61643-21 compliance

DLC compact surge protective devices (SPDs) are designed to protect terminal equipment connected to industrial buses, telecommunication lines or signalling applications from the effects of lightning and transient overvoltages. These SPDs are installed on symmetrical DIN rail, often within customer panels. DLC SPDs protect 1-pair applications and have a non-pluggable (monobloc) enclosure. Many types are available to cover most applications. D2 types are best suited to floating applications, D3 types offer full-mode protection across all lines with D3G types additionally providing specific protection for the signalling ground wire.

RS232, RS485
Nominal line voltage
Un 12 V
Max. DC operating voltage
Uc 15 Vdc
Max. frequency
f max. > 3 MHz
Insertion loss
< 1 dB
Max. load current
IL 300 mA
Max. discharge current
max. withstand @ 8/20 µs by pole
Imax 10 kA
Line inductance
Protection level
Following the test category C3 (IEC61643-21) - Line/Line
Up 30 V
Impulse current
2 x 10/350µs Test - D1 Category
Iimp 2.5 kA
Line/Line Nominal discharge current
C2 Category
In L/L 5 kA
Nominal Discharge Current, X-C (Line/Earth)
8/20µs Test x 10 - C2 Category
In L/PE 5 kA
Line resistance
< 4.7 Ohm
Network type
Data Communication
GDT+Clamping diode
SPD configuration
Connection to Network
By spring - max. cross section 1.5mm²
DIN box
Symmetrical rail 35 mm (EN 60715)
Housing material
Thermoplastic UL94 V-0
Operating temperature
Tu -40/+85°C
Ingress Protection rating
IP20 (NEMA 2)
Failsafe mode
Disconnection indicator
Transmission interrupt - default mode 2
Spare module(s)
See diagram
0.029 kg
Standards compliance
IEC 61643-21 / EN 61643-21 / UL497B
UL 497B