Lightning Monitoring System for Wind Turbines

Part Number 790623
  • Smart lightning monitoring system for wind turbines.
  • 1 monitor + 3 sensors for the blades
  • Monitoring, record the data for surge current, time of lightning strike, etc.
  • Transmit the data by means of RS485.
  • IEC 61400-24 and IEC 62561-6 compliant

The LMS-W is a smart lightning monitoring system developed by CITEL for wind turbines. LMS-W is mainly used for surge current measurement when lightning strikes one of the rotor blades. The lightning surges can be detected by corresponding sensors and then data can be transmitted to a monitoring device to the upper computer through RS485. The LMS-W provides smart and precise monitoring for necessary and timely maintenance to the rotor blades when unexpected lightning strikes occur. This can help reduce downtimes and provide valuable data on the system

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Minimum current sensibility
Itc 10 kA
Max. admissible impulse current
Imcw 200 kA
Life time
10 years
24 Vdc
On plate
Operating temperature
Tu -40°C bis + 70°C
Protection rating
66 x 55 x 47 mm
1.600 kg
Standards compliance
IEC 61400-24, IEC 62561-6