Smart SPD / MOV / GDT / TVS Tester

Part Number: 790201
  • 7-inch TFT display with touch-screen
  • Compatible with all CITEL ranges and other brand products
  • Testing the MOV, GDT and TVS components
  • Automatically test and judge CITEL pluggable Surge Protectors
  • Auto test mode and manual test mode
  • Automatically save test data
  • Database management
  • Portable and convenient

The SPT-203 is an easy-to-use device, intuitive and operated with battery it allows to test all the CITEL and external surge protection as well as component: MOV, GDT and TVS. His touchscreen of 7-inch (supplied with his stylus). The test sequence can be performed automatically or manually. During the automatic test sequence, the product is to be selected from a list then is to be connected. Manual verification can also be used for non "CITEL" products if the values ​​of these modules are known. The SPT-203 is delivered in a comfortable and waterproof protective bag including all accessories for all tests.

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Power 230 V
Voltage 230 Vac
Voltage measurement error +/- 2 % (U < 200 V) +/- 1 % (U > 200 V)
Leakage current measurement error +/- 5 %
MOV measurement : 1mA voltage range 1 to 2000 V
MOV measurement : Leakage current range 0 µA to 120 µA
GDT measurement : DC spark voltage range 1 to 2000 V
TVS measurement : Voltage range 0 to 500 V
Accessory(s) provided - Housse de protection - Stylet
Operating and storage temperature 20°C / 50°C
Dimensions See diagram