Compact single-phase type 2 (or 3) surge protector - 24 V - Monobloc
Part Number: 350904
  • Compact single-phase surge protector type 2 (or 3)
  • Safety disconnection in-line
  • Double connection in series
  • Remote signaling
  • Comon and differential mdoe
  • Monobloc and economic
Installation Sheet

DS98-24 surge protector is used for the 'secondary' protection of the 24 V networks against the surge voltages creating by lightning. DS98 is equipped with safety disconnection, indicator and remote signal. The disconnection will be indicate by the turn on of the red led in the front. Very compact, the DS98-24 surge protector must be installed close by the equipment to protect, downstream a 'primary' surge protector. DS98 provides both a common and differential mode protection.

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SPD type
following IEC test
2 (ou 3)
24 V single-phase
Nominal line voltage
24 Vac
Max. AC operating voltage L-N
28 Vac
Max. load current
16 A
Residual Current
Leakage current to Ground
Follow current
Nominal discharge current
15 x 8/20 µs impulses
1.5 kA
Max. discharge current
max. withstand @ 8/20 µs by pole
3 kA
Withstand on Combinaison waveform IEC 61643-11
Class III test: 1.2/50µs - 8/20µs
3 kV
Withstand on overvoltages IEEE C62.41.1
3 kV
Admissible short-circuit current
10000 A
Protection mode(s)
Common/Differential mode
Protection level CM/DM
@ In (8/20µs)
650 V/220 V
SPD configuration Single phase
Connection to Network by screw terminals : 2.5 mm² max.
Plug-in modular box
Symmetrical rail 35 mm (EN60715)
Housing material Thermoplastic UL94-V0
Operating temperature -40/+85°C
Protection rating IP20
Outdoor application
Failsafe behavior Disconnection SPD - Remote signaling
Disconnection indicator Red light on
Remote signaling of disconnection
Contact NF open
See diagram
Standards compliance
IEC 61643-11 / EN 61643-11 / UL1449 4ed.
Thermal disconnector Internal
Fuses type gG - 20A
Installation ground fault breaker Type 'S' or delayed