ESS KIT DDC50S-21Y-1200
Part Number: 64146
ESS KIT DDC50S-21Y-1200

Protection Kit for ESS

  • Type 2 DC surge protector:

    • Uc DC: 1200 Vdc
    • In: 20 kA
    • Imax: 50 kA
    • Isccr: 100 000 A (with dedicated external fuse: SDF50-1500DC)
    • Pluggable
    • Remote signaling
    • Comply to prIEC 61643-41 and IEC 61643-11
  • Disconnector fuse suitable for the DC SPD:

    • Max. DC operating voltage: 1500 Vdc
    • Breaking capacity: 100 000 A
    • Comply to IEC 60269-7
    • Values tested according to prIEC 61643-41

To ensure maximum protection of the ESS installation, CITEL has developed a product kit consisting of a lightning arrester DDC50S-21Y-1200 (1200 Vdc max operating voltage) and a fuse SFD50S-10-1500DC (100,000 A tested and approved) compatible with short-circuits of storage systems and CITEL surge protections. In order to simplify maintenance operations, the kit’s products are equipped with remote indicators to indicate failure.