2-electrode GDT
BA 550/20
BA 550/20
Part Number: 9298025
  • The smallest 2-electrode GDT
  • No radioactive
  • Used in connector blocks and adapted holders
  • SMD and lead termination version S and CMS

DC sparkover voltage (100V/s) 440-660 V
Maximum impulse sparkover voltage (1kV/µs) <1200 V
Nominal discharge current In 10 kA
Total Maximum discharge current Imax Total 25 kA
Max. capacitance C <0.3 pF
Insulation resistance IR ≥10 GOhms
AC discharge current (50Hz) 10 A
DC Holdover voltage >80 V
Technology Gas discharge tube
Operating and storage temperature -40°C / +90°C
Dimensions See diagram
Weight 0.41 g
Standards compliance ITU-T K12 rec.
RohS compliance Yes