Citel - 80 ans

Founded in 1937, CITEL is an industrial group which designs, manufactures and markets solutions for the protection of electrical equipment, data, and fixed and mobile telephony as well as for photovoltaic installations against transient overvoltages.

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  • DSLP series

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  • Type 1 PV surge protector

    DS60VGPV/51 are type 1+2 heavy duty surge protectors are designed to protect against lightning surge voltages in photovoltaic power supply network. These protectors are recommended when a direct lightning strike is possible on the installation.

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  • 75 Vdc surge protector

    The DS4x-xxDC SPD range for DC power networks adds a product with a 75 Vdc nominal operating voltage.

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  • Video

    Type 1 and type 2 SPD, installation and rules

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